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First I would like to thank Mike in particular, and both Renee and Fae for the excellent customer service and personal attention. From the professional appraisal, to the work scheduling, the process was always customer focused. The communication was timely, accurate, and followed through.

On the service end; Kyle and Juan were the benchmark for technical professionalism and excellence. Their work was focused not on just satisfying the customer, but in exceeding my expectations. They went above and beyond- ensuring that they provided the best possible outcome. Their experience and commitment were clearly evident. I will be recommending SERVPRO Worcester services to everyone I know with present or future needs.

Thanks to all the team for the best experience.

This team Kevin, John and Tony were outstanding. They were reliable, prompt, efficient, friendly, knowledgeable, and had an incredible work ethic. Their attention to detail and thoroughness was unbelievable. We were so fortunate to have such an incredible team working to mitigate the aftermath of a burst sprinkler pipe.
HIGHLY recommend this team!!!

Google review: https://g.co/kgs/UmnS1k

I was extremely impressed with your very valuable employees that stepped right in to help us. Your SERVPRO Team of Worcester, Shrewsbury and Westborough, particularly Kevin, John and Tony were incredible. Very hard working, extremely polite and caring, compassionate, helpful in every way. They are incredible representatives of the SERVPRO Companies. I have and will continue to tell people how impressed I am with Kevin, John and Tony and the SERVPRO organization.

Google review:https://g.co/kgs/MGFEx8

We are very appreciative that SERVPRO came to our home so quickly to take care of a basement water issue. The team of Kevin, Dan & Marcus that worked with us did a great job and were so pleasant to work with. We were very impressed with their efficiency. Thank you, SERVPRO.

Services: Carpet cleaning, Flood cleanup     Google review: https://g.co/kgs/iKzbBk

Having your bathroom totally out of commission, especially one’s only bathroom, is a very nerve wracking situation to deal with and that’s what I was faced with recently. SERVPRO was contacted and the response was quick and professional and so thorough and a total stress reliever for me. I’m so grateful to the people at SERVPRO, most especially Kevin the Supervisor and Fae the project coordinator, who took a chaotic situation and turned it around with the precision of a well oiled machine. Thank you!

They came in a day or too after the kitchen sink overflowed due to a Moen faucet w/sensor. They mitigated with fans and dehumidifiers. The were very attentive to our questions, needs and detail. After the insurance company adjusters came out work progressed rapidly. They had to remove insulation and carpeting from the basement. They cleaned up any mess they made. They also removed all kitchen cabinets and took the floors to the subfloor.

Special thanks to Raphael, Juan,Julio and Kevin Chambers for your dedication and attention to detail.

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After a pipe suddenly burst in our home, SERVPRO was there the next day. Wally was very professional, understanding and answered all my questions. He had a detailed plan and timeline for when and how SERVPRO would start and end their restoration. Javier and Justan are the men that did a phenomenal job boxing our items safely and gently. They gave us time- step by step- to take anything personal or important that we might need. We felt safe with them working in our house even when we weren’t home. We were always updating at the begin and end of their day and it was always clean! Going through this process hasn’t been easy but Javier, Justan and Wally have been exceptional and I’d love to work with them again for the unpack.

Thank you guys again. The Foleys appreciate it.

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Kevin and Javier were excellent! Very detailed, attentive and professional in a stressful situation.

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They had a rather quick response time after a flood we had. They had the proper equipment to vacuum up all of the water and left equipment to dry the affected areas. They were great following up after the flood to make sure the areas were dried out.

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We had a great experience working with Crew Chief Eddie, Project Manager Kevin and their team after a toilet pipe leaked in our ceiling. The leak had been going on for a long time but we had no idea because of the unknown three layers of ceiling we had in one of the rooms- which caused quite a bit of mold and a lot of stress! Kevin, Eddie and the rest of the team were extremely knowledgeable, professional and did an amazing job tearing up our ceiling, bathroom floor (which had several layers of tile & cement) and especially removing the mold. We were extremely impressed with how clean they left the house after quite a bit of demo.

We can't thank them enough for their thorough work, expertise and professionalism.

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The team at SERVPRO were incredibly professional and did an outstanding job taking care of a condemned property for my family. Can’t recommend them enough.

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Full clean up of debris from 20+ years of living in pantry, furnace room, basement, pool house and grills

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Our washing machine flooded our kitchen and basement, leading us to call SERVPRO for emergency services on a Saturday afternoon. It took a few hours for the crew to be available, but they did arrive with the tools needed to mitigate the immediate mess and leave 10 industrial fans and 2 dehumidifiers to attempt drying until they'd return during normal business hours. I appreciated that they called their manager to check before removing baseboards to look for water damage...

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Water damage is devastating. Until it has happened to you, you have no idea the amount of effort it will take just to get back to where you were just before it happened! This team swept in, immediately scoped out the entire situation, put together a remediation plan and got to work. They removed carpet, walls, installed fans, dehumidifiers etc...On schedule the Team returned 3 days later to complete the job. All in, I would say we had 3 people working hard for 1-full [i.e.  24 man hours] day to ensure our home didn't have any long-term issues from the pipe that let go. Thank you! Thank you! Wally and the SERVPRO Team!!!!

Our washing machine flooded our kitchen and basement, leading us to call SERVPRO for emergency services on a Saturday afternoon. It took a few hours for the crew to be available, but they did arrive with the tools needed to mitigate the immediate mess and leave 10 industrial fans and 2 dehumidifiers to attempt drying until they'd return during normal business hours. I appreciated that they called their manager to check before removing baseboards to look for water damage.

On Tuesday, SERVPRO's program manager Julius Rivera visited for a few hours while our insurance adjuster was onsite. It was helpful for them to review the damage together and formulate a plan for demolition. Julius estimated 7-8 business days and that was accurate until the scope expanded a little bit as they progressed. We were happy with Julius's response to our questions and he even took our call on his day off... To Read Full Yelp Review Click Here

Will Holts, Mark S and Nate B were fantastic in cleaning up the horrible mess in my basement after the sump pumps failed. They explained everything, answered all my questions thoroughly, were very professional, and did a great job.

SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough is absolutely amazing. Our very old cast iron sewage pipe had a lengthy crack which caused sewage to pool beneath our basement finished flooring. Within a matter of a few hours of my call, Project Manager Kevin Chambers was in my basement beginning to remove the sewage and began the process of airing out the walls. He installed a de-humidifier and a large fan. After the process of a few days, William Holts and Eddie Smith arrived to do the really nasty part of our job, demo. Will and Eddie did a phenomenal job in removing everything effected by the sewage and mold growth. They communicated with me frequently while onsite so I always knew where they were in their process. Will and Eddie kept finding new issues (which is not surprising to me) and poor Will got to be the bearer of bad news. But each time, he was genuine and professional, and we ended up having a good laugh. I cannot thank SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough enough for their quick response, expertise, and professional staff. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ! ! !

Eddie Smith & Will Holts were very helpful during an unexpected water loss. Great team!!

Ryan, Elgin and Chucky were great to work with, very happy with the customer service.

Travis and Rob were very professional, wore masks the whole time and showed up the same day as my issue was discovered. I'd recommend SERVPRO.

I am an extremely happy customer of SERVPRO. The quality of the job they performed was well done! My experience dealing with employee Violeta was a pleasure! Her level of professionalism goes above and beyond the call of duty. I would Highly recommend SERVPRO to get the job done right! Thank you again.

SERVPRO Shrewsbury/Westboro provides excellent customer service! I would like to thank Chuck Sargant for his professionalism when discussing a mold claim. He took the time to explain the process and provide reassurance that SERVPRO would remedy the situation in a timely manner.

I called when I had a sewage back up. They came and cleaned up the mess quickly .Very professional

Most efficient and professional service I could have asked for. Never want to be in this situation again but if I am...I know who to call

My experience with SERVPRO was phenomenal! They handled everything quickly and professionally. The whole team did an amazing job and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Thank you SERVPRO for quickly coming out and drying out our basement after a water issue. Did a great job of explaining what they would do, how long it would take, etc. Really responsive during such a stressful experience.

Having a flood in my small town insurance office was miserable, I thought I was going to lose my business until SERVPRO answered my call. Immediately the 3-4” of water was gone and the drying process began, and it was done, and my office was up and running within a week’s time! Thank you so much SERVPRO!

I recently purchased my first restaurant, and when I showed up to start the cleaning and getting my new grill and oven. I could not believe my eyes the amount of grease build up, and crusted on food to the floor under the deep fryers. I knew I needed to call SERVPRO, I previously used them once prior when my son blew up my microwave, so I knew the work they could do. They did an amazing job getting my restaurant looking brand. SERVPRO is honestly the best restoration company and I recommend them to everyone. Thank you so much!

The fire damage in my house started in the living room and closet space which ruined all of me and my wife’s wedding pictures, of course we knew who to call, SERVPRO. Not only was my wife so happy that they could be restored, but we had them back after a week’s time. We knew someone must have taken their time, and so much hard work for the state we got them back in. Now that SERVPRO has come into my home, cleaned all the soot damage and deodorized my home my wife and I have never been happier. SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough Janice and I couldn’t thank you enough.

SERVPRO did a great job in my kitchen after I had a small kitchen fire. All of SERVPRO staff was amazing, there crews were courteous and respectful, and the office girls always knew what to say. They had my appointments always confirmed, they even called to check up on my personal opinion on my kitchen. Their customer service has made this scary situation into something easy, almost like I was redecorating. Love everything that they have done! And totally recommended for anyone’s water, fire, or mold remediation.

After the flood storm, my first floor got flooded from my slider door not being installed properly. SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough did an amazing job working with my insurance company, and having a lot of patience with them. Once the OK to work came through they were in and out and my home felt like my home again! They even shampooed and deodorized my carpets making them smell as if they were just installed! Thank you SERVPRO for all your hard work.

SERVPRO worked hand and hand with me when I came home from work and noticed a tree had fallen in my back yard, it dropped through my deck and on top of my daughter’s bedroom. They were very quick to assess the damage and their Sr. Production Manager came up with a game plan quickly. SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough really bailed my family out of a bad spot, I am so happy we called them.

I went away to Florida to see my granddaughter, and when I came home my life was flipped upside down. I must have left my bathroom sink running lightly, the water was everywhere. I immediately called SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough and they responded within the hour. They did an incredible job and made sure they left my home very clean before leaving each day. They exceeded my expectation and then some, I highly recommend their services to anyone in need. Thank you so much SERVPRO!

After finding out my roof has been leaking into my attic on top of all my belongings and memories, I called SERVPRO and they were here fast. Having the security of SERVPRO by my side was great they listened to all my needs, and they even restored my old baby pictures and family memorabilia I had stored away. SERVPRO has truly saved my home! Thank you so much! 

When I first called SERVPRO I was in so much distress, but when I heard Madyson on the phone she reassured me that everything will be taken care of to my satisfaction and she had all of SERVPRO team behind her to help me. With her kind words I was comforted with amazing customer service. Madyson passed me along to Courtney, who worked hard t help me with the insurance, and getting a crew to my home quickly. When the crew showed up I couldn't of imagined a better crew. Colin the crew chief, was compassionate and empathetic to my situation. and so loving to my dog. The production manager Wally, was very honest, right to the point and got the job done immediately. Courtney introduced me to the rebuild coordinator Donna, she was fabulous!! Not only did she get a rebuild team to my home quickly, but her reassuring words on the phone made me feel as if I wasn't alone. Lastly the rebuild manager Andy, he turned my home into something wonderful. Not only is he a great guy but his construction crew was amazing, making jokes and laughing with me making me feel like as if I am in there SERVPRO family. 

Thank you so much SERVPRO for everything. I made the right choice with SERVPRO Shrewsbury/Westborough

The staff at SERVPRO was amazing!! Everyone I dealt with in the difficult ordeal has been wonderful. Colin came out and explained to me thoroughly the problem and the solution. His work was spotless when he left and he was fabulous with my dogs!! Thank you Colin and the staff at SERVPRO!!

After a storm hit our community in Shrewsbury last month our basement was flooded. We were very upset about the damage, however, SERVPRO was able to make our basement look like new.

A massive storm caused flooding in our finished basement. We called SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough and they responded quickly to our emergency and made everything look new.

When we discovered mold during our remodeling project, all construction had to stop until the mold was eliminated. SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough stepped in and immediately took care of the mold. SERVPRO was extremely professional and reliable.

It is my pleasure to recommend SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough. After a fire almost destroyed my home, SERVPRO came in and took care of everything. They went above and beyond. Thank you SERVPRO!

We were extremely pleased by the professional, prompt and courteous service that was provided by SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough.  After a water emergency in our kitchen, SERVPRO had our building back to full capacity within 24 hours.  Thank you SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough!

Thank you for working with our Insurance Company during the floods a few weeks ago.  We had no idea what to do or what to expect.  Everyone we dealt with at SERVPRO was phenomenal!  Thank you for making a difficult time easier!

We were delighted with the great job SERVPRO did on our home during the flood we had in October. The crew immediately began removing baseboards and checking out all of our floor molding with their gages to see where water may have gone to prevent any mold problems. We were very impressed to see how knowledgeable they were and how efficiently they worked. My house looked better than before the flood, they certainly exceeded our expectations. After finishing the work, they cleaned our home and I have never had anyone clean as well as their team cleaned. They went above and beyond!! Everyone involved did a remarkable job. I will highly recommend this company to anyone!

All the team members we dealt with were very approachable and qualified. This is my 2nd time working with SERVPRO and it was just as good this time as it was the first time.  We have had a couple of issues with our pipes in our Medical Office.  SERVPRO responded quickly and was able to save our equipment by extracting the water before it reached that room.  Thank you so much for all of your help!

Please accept my apologies for not writing you sooner. What a mess your crew walked into and what a transformation we now have. You were well organized, resourceful and professional in all aspects of our cleanup and restoration and we are thrilled. Our employees had minimal disruption to their work days. I hope we are never again in need of your services. Nonetheless I would not hesitate for a second to recommend SERVPRO for all disaster and restoration needs.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough team for their non-stop commitment to getting our home back to normal as quickly as possible. It was so scary when we discovered that there was mold in our son’s room. Thank you for always being accessible and making it seem as if we were the only people you were working for. The Office staff was so caring and the crews were fantastic!

I recently used your company for water and mold removal from my residence. The supervisor was quick in responding to calls and had the crews on the job when promised. The work performed was done quickly and there was no mess left over for me or my wife to clean up.

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful our experience was with all of your employees, especially Chris. Having your kitchen catch on fire is the most horrible thing that has happened to us. SERVPRO has helped to make it bearable.

Thank you for being here for us and showing us kindness and patience.

I want to thank you for being attentive to our needs. I appreciate all the efforts of your employees. They are doing a great job! Also, I want to mention the promptness in attending to my calls. I would like to congratulate your company for having well trained people, especially Denice. She is conscientious and returns calls immediately. This attentive attitude should be continually practiced since people like us who had a fire in our home and feel deserted and disheartened by everything that has gone on.

I am pleased to tell you that your work went beyond my expectations. The job was very well done. It was a clean-up following a small kitchen fire.  The SERVPRO personnel were always on time and did the job with resolve. Everyone arrived at the job when they said they would…. management as well as workers. SERVPRO provides a service to people in their gloomiest of hours. Their professionalism and customer service was a real lift to my morale during this stressful time.

Our home had a flooding problem a few weeks ago while I was working at the hospital.
I wanted to tell you that Miguel, and Javier were amazing. The work they have done here was incredible and that all the guys that worked with Miguel and Javier were courteous, polite and so helpful. They should all get a medal.They never stopped working!  I never knew about this Company until our insurance agent recommended them after the flood. I will highly recommend your company in the future. 

Last week a pipe burst in our office building.  SERVPRO came out immediately got to work.  There was over an inch of water in the building and they extracted all of it in a matter of hours.  The manager Wally explained the whole process to us and made sure every question we had was answered.  We thought we would be out of commission for weeks but we were operating again in a matter of days.  My manager was so impressed with how quickly they worked to get us back in business.  All of us here in the office would highly recommend SERVPRO! 

 I had a water damage in my home last month. I called SERVPRO and right away they made me feel better as they are very aware of the stress these events cause. They were so patient with my questions and comforting when I wondered if things whatever return back to normal. They had to dispose of lots of stuff from the basement that was destroyed from the water and it was very hard for me. Miguel and Franky were so sweet and they were also very professional. I can say without hesitation that I recommend the SERVPRO team for life's unexpected experiences.

 Ralph and I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the accommodating and professional assistance from SERVPRO and mold was discovered in our home when we were trying to sell it. Your crew came in and remove the mold and made sure it was properly contained. Each step of the way we were informed of what was going on and Wally always had time for questions. It is so refreshing to see that there are still service companies that take the word 'service' seriously. We highly recommend SERVPRO anytime! 

I just wanted to send you a note that I am very pleased with your services and immediate response time. Denice was in charge and she was amazing! The water damage in our home was cleaned up in time for our daughter's 7th birthday party!! Please add me to your list of  references as I would be happy to give you a good reference. Thank you again for all your help! 

Our neighbors recommend that we use SERVPRO after finding a water leak in our finished basement. They showed up immediately to begin the drying process. The damaged area in our basement was back to normal within a couple of days. Everyone we spoke and worked with was polite, professional and on the ball. We would definitely use SERVPRO's services again.