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Property Owners in Grafton Know There’s No Such Thing as a Small Water Disaster!

7/27/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Water Damage Icon Call today 508-393-7898 SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough can help ensure the value of your property.

There is no such thing as a small disaster- especially when a small leak now could blossom into a big claim later. Unseen water can soak through walls, seep through carpet and pool on sub-floors, causing major problems over time. You need help fast.

SERVPRO® of Shrewsbury/Westborough is Here to Help.

No matter the time of day or night, the professionals of SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough are available to begin emergency mitigation. Emergency mitigation means under normal circumstance, a SERVPRO franchise professional can be on-site within four hours to begin drying your building and restoring contents. The faster the water is removed, the less chance of serious damage to your facility.

Every SERVPRO professional is trained and understands how to manage the drying process. By utilizing state -of-the-art equipment and the latest technology, your structure will be quickly and thoroughly dried, which helps prevent secondary water damages. SERVPRO will remove moisture and any contaminants by disinfecting and deodorizing to safely clean and dry your building and contents.

Call today 508-393-7898 SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough can help ensure the value of your property.

SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough Offers Fast, Reliable, Biohazard & Crime Scene Cleanup And Restoration Services.

7/27/2022 (Permalink)

Recognized as a leading fire and water cleanup and restoration provider by hundreds of insurance companies, SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough also offers fast, reliable, biohazard and crime scene cleanup and restoration services to residential and commercial property owners.

Exposure to biological and chemical contaminants can pose serious health consequences for building occupants, employees, customers, and owners. A failure to properly handle and safely remove such hazardous substances can contribute to unhealthy and even dangerous environments.

The SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough professionals are trained to safely and effectively remove biohazardous substances and prepare waste for proper disposal according to OSHA, EPA, and state and local health regulations. SERVPRO can remove and dispose of bodily fluids, tissue, and other potentially pathogenic substances resulting from an accident, trauma, crime, or death. Equipped with the necessary safety equipment and cleaning products, SERVPRO professionals help turn unsafe environments into clean, safe homes and buildings by thoroughly cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing the structure. SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough professionals can help with the following issues: bloodborne pathogens, methamphetamine labs, crime scene residues, arson, vandalism, sewage backups, black water intrusions, and mold mitigation and remediation. There is a lot we can do! From fingerprint powder and evidence gathering chemicals to tear gas and pepper spray residues, SERVPRO can clean and restore your property and contents. We can also provide general cleaning and/or deodorization services for situations resulting in graffiti, eggs, spoiled food, and human or animal waste. State and local regulations vary.

HERE TO HELP. 508-393-7898
Contact your local SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough today for 24-hour emergency services. 

Shrewsbury, MA Celebrates Summer Safely

7/1/2022 (Permalink)

Celebrate Summer Saefely wrtten in night sky with fireworks Call SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough to help make it "Like it never even happened." 508-393-7898

Summer is synonymous with barbecues, parades, and firework displays; but along with all the festivities are plenty of visits to the emergency room?especially during the month of July.

Each year, around 230 people are injured badly enough to require medical treatment after fireworks related incidents, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. In addition to causing injury, fireworks are also responsible for thousands of house fires each year with millions of dollars in property damage.

There is nothing like firing up the grill during the summer months! Did you know, July is the peak month for grill fires? A backyard barbecue can become dangerous quickly if proper safety precautions aren't considered. SERVPRO wants you to have an enjoyable and safe summer.

Consider the following tips to help ensure your summer celebrations are disaster-free:

  • Propane and charcoal barbecue grills should only be used outdoors.
  • The grill should be placed well away from the home, deck railings, and out from under eaves and overhanging branches.
  • Keep children and pets away from the grill area.
  • Keep your grill clean by removing grease or fat buildup from the grill and in trays below the grill.
  • Never leave your grill unattended.
  • When using a charcoal grill, let the coals completely cool before disposing in a metal container.
  • Anyone using fireworks or standing nearby should wear protective eyewear.
  • Do not try to re-light or handle malfunctioning fireworks. Keep a bucket of water nearby to fully extinguish fireworks that don't go off or in case of fire. Children should never pick-up fireworks that may be left over as they may still be active.
  • The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend a public display conducted by trained professionals.

If your residential or commercial property suffers from structural fire damage, call SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough to help make it "Like it never even happened." 508-393-7898

How Clean Are Your Westborough Property’s Ducts?

6/28/2022 (Permalink)

Did you know your ventilation system is often the biggest culprit in poor indoor air quality? Inspecting the ductwork in your facility or home should be a high priority. In most cases, the HVAC system has been operating for some time without much attention. Dirty ducts can circulate odors, contaminants such as mold, and irritating dust throughout your home or office.

Keeping your HVAC and ductwork clean can potentially extend the life-span of the equipment by allowing it to operate at peak condition, which may help you save money. Duct cleaning may not always be necessary. Let SERVPRO inspect your HVAC system and ductwork and make the proper recommendations about the best way to address any indoor air quality concerns.

In some circumstances, such as after a fire, smoke, or suspected mold growth, duct cleaning becomes an essential part of the cleanup process. In these cases, SERVPRO can often times restore

the HVAC system and ductwork to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO uses a portable ventilation and air duct cleaning system to examine ductwork and make a clean sweep, removing years of dust and grime.

  • The process begins by using patented equipment, including a roto-scraper, which automatically adapts to the duct's shape and diameter while traveling through the duct, removing debris and filth before the vacuuming begins.
  • Next, a powerful push-pull air delivery and collection system transfers the debris from the ductwork to a container.
  • Air is filtered through a HEPA filtration system, removing 99.97% of the particles in the airstream.
  • Filters will either be cleaned or replaced to remove odor and dirt.

Call SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough to help protect your health and your property from ventilation and air quality issues. 508-393-7898

SERVPRO's Disaster Recovery Team Is Ready Whenever & Wherever You Need Us!

6/28/2022 (Permalink)

Faster to any size disaster. This is not just another catchy line for SERVPRO. It is a commitment from each SERVPRO franchise professional to be there when you need them most.

Whether you are a small business or homeowner facing water or fire damage, or you are a property manager dealing with a widespread disaster, the SERVPRO franchise system has the resources (equipment, products, fleet, people) to respond quickly and efficiently. The sooner

help arrives, the sooner restoration begins and the sooner you can resume life and business as usual.

Your local SERVPRO franchise is just the tip of the iceberg! Should a major disaster occur, such as a flood or wildfire, SERVPRO's Disaster Recovery Team is always poised and ready to go where they are needed.

So no matter the size, call your local SERVPRO franchise professionals today! Backed by a system of franchises more than 2,000 strong, we'll help make your property disaster, "Like it never even happened."

Managing Mold? Yes, We’ve Got A Pro For That.

6/1/2022 (Permalink)

In less than 48 hours, mold can quickly become a problem in your home or business when there is a water intrusion, like a roof leak or leaking water line. Mold can cause health effects and can also cause significant damage to your property. Fortunately, your local SERVPRO franchise professionals have the industry training, certifications, protective gear, and specialized equipment necessary to handle your mold problem.

Although every mold scenario is different requiring a unique solution, the general mold remediation process stays the same. Your local SERVPRO understands mold and mold growth and has what it takes to remediate the mold that happens to show up in your home or business.

Learn more about mold and what to do until help arrives by reviewing these mold damage tips.

We’re Here to Help protect your health and your property. If you think  you may have a mold problem call the Pros at SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough 508-393-7898

Post Construction Cleanup & Restoration In - We’ve got a Pro for That!

6/1/2022 (Permalink)

When have to finish on time - SERVPRO help can help you  meet your project deadlines through post-construction services.

Structural integrity, materials, labor, safety, customer satisfaction and deadlines- the list goes on and on when building a commercial facility. The bottom line, however, is you are responsible for getting the doors open on time.

Our SERVPRO Professionals can help you meet your deadlines by providing thorough post-construction services in a timely manner.

These services include:

  • Post Construction Cleaning
    Once the floors are down and the drywall is up, it's time to remove the dirt and debris to prepare for the finish work. SERVPRO can help with debris removal and cleaning services.

  • Dehumidification and Drying
    During the construction phase, a building can trap moisture. SERVPRO can help you with eliminating moisture and preventing potential mold growth.

  • Final Cleaning
    There's nothing like a first impression, you want everything perfect when you first open your doors. SERVPRO provides the professional cleaning services to have you your property looking it's best. To learn more about our commercial cleaning services click here.

  • Emergency Response Restoration and Cleanup Services
    The last thing you need is fire damage, water intrusion or mold growth slowing down or stopping the completion of your projects. SERVPRO’s 24-hour emergency restoration, mitigation and cleanup services will get you back on schedule quickly. Click Here to learn more about our 24-hour Emergency Services.

SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough will help you to make sure your finished project is looking its best. Call 508-393-7898

National Lightning Safety Awareness Week this June 19-25th

5/31/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Storm Services Icon Have Storm or Flood Damage? Call Us Today 508-757-7885

Celebrate National Lightning Safety Awareness Week this June 19-25th. It started back in 2001 to call attention to lightning being such an underrated killer. Since then, U.S. lightning fatalities have dropped from about 55 per year to less than 30. This reduction is largely due to greater awareness and people seeking proper safety when thunderstorms threaten. During National Lightning Safety Awareness Week this year, it is encouraged that you learn more about it and how to stay safe!

One solution to keep your home safe from lightning are lightning rods. Lightning rods (and the accompanying protection system) are designed to protect a house or building from a direct lightning strike and, in particular, a lightning-initiated fi re. It's important to note that lightning protection systems do not prevent lightning from striking a structure, but rather intercepts a lightning strike, providing a conductive path for the harmful electrical discharge to follow and disperse the energy safely into the ground. These components must be properly connected (bonded) to minimize the chances for any sparks or side flashes to occur. While lightning rods protect a structure from a direct lightning strike, a complete protection system is needed to help prevent harmful electrical surges and possible fi res caused by lightning entering a structure via wires and pipes. Lightning protection may also be needed for gas piping.

There are three main ways lightning can enter a structure: a direct strike, through wires or pipes that extend outside the structure or through the ground. Once in a structure, lightning can travel the electrical, phone, plumbing, and radio/television reception systems. Lightning can also travel through any metal wires or bars in concrete walls or flooring. Learn more about how you can protect your home or property today.

June is Pet Preparedness Month

5/31/2022 (Permalink)

Your pets are an important member of your family, so they need to be included in your family's emergency plan. To prepare for the unexpected follow these tips with your pets in mind:

  1. Make a plan.
  2. Build an emergency kit.
  3. Stay informed.

If you have a plan in place for you and your pets, you will likely encounter less difficulty, stress and worry when you need to make a decision during an emergency. If local offi cials ask you to evacuate, that means your pet should evacuate too. If you leave your pets behind, they may end up lost, injured, or worse. Many public shelters and hotels do not allow pets inside, which is why it is so important to have a plan in place ahead of time. Consider having your pet microchipped too! If you get separated, this will help you identify them.

How to Avoid Lingering Smells?

5/31/2022 (Permalink)

woman holding small trash bag. How to Avoid Lingering Smells Odor Removal and Deodorization- We’ve got a Pro for that. Call 508-393-7898

Summertime is known for being overscheduled with lots of jam-packed activities and the "go, go, go" mentality. While you and your family are getting out of the house to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors this season, you may not realize the smells that can build and linger in your home.

Warmer months bring more moisture, water, unique smells, and new routines that may introduce new odors into your home. If odors are left alone and stagnant for too long, it can disrupt your fun by leaving you with a burden that requires only cleanup professionals to fix.

Is your furry friend a little too excited to spend time outside now that the weather is nice? Puddles, dirt, mud and grass can all end up in your home from your pets fur or paws. These outside contaminants can end up embedded in to your rugs and carpets leaving a gross smell if not cleaned right away.

Pool days can also increase the chances of a wet and sour smell. Dripping bodies on your floors can turn the carpet musty, along with wet towels thrown in a heap and left dirty for too long. Once moisture makes its way into your home, it can sometimes be difficult to get out.

Keeping your windows open on a nice day is a perk of the summertime season but it can also increase the

opportunity for unwanted odors. Smoke from a campfire or grill can soak into your walls leaving behind the lingering odors of smoke, food and grease.

Fun in the sun, pool days, and grilling al fresco make up some of the best parts of the summertime season.

You can count on your local SERVPRO franchise professionals to eliminate these odors at the source with limited interruptions to your busy schedule.

Odor Removal and Deodorization- We’ve got a Pro for that. Call 508-393-7898